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Future Navigator is the world’s largest company. Everyone works for us – they just don’t know it. Do you also dream of making stuff better? Being a positive difference? Creating the future? Cultivating your own innovation culture? Be remembered for some really cool solutions? And moving from more to better? Well, then welcome onboard. You might be a Navigator at heart.

At Future Navigator we work with Future Based Ideas Development™. We speak about, do projects, host debates, write articles and books, and design workshops, games, and other interactive tools in order to bring out the best in people. We will do everything we can to help you visualise your better tomorrow. The goal is to qualify your ability and foundation to create new meaningful concepts, services, and products, and select through a variety of great ideas. In short – using the future as a springboard for success – today.

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  • Presentations

    We tailor all our presentations and take pride in being visual, inspiring, and fun.
  • Workshops

    We are masters of facilitation – both in speech and graphical models that energize the audience and lead them to a clear goal.
  • Projects

    We will help you solve your toughest challenges and create success using the future as a guiding star.
  • Zooon Training

    Train a selected team inside your company to predict, anticipate and create your future.

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